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A Wide Variety of Tax Services

Tributum offers a wide variety of tax services designed to help small to medium sized businesses their owners understand and manage their tax obligations.  We take an aggressive year-round approach to ensure that tax liabilities are properly assessed and our clients remain in full compliance with applicable local, state and federal tax laws and regulations. This includes the following tax services:

  • Tax Planning
  • Individual Taxes for Business Owners
  • Business Taxes
  • State Tax Compliance
  • Real Estate Taxes

Tax Planning Services

Effective tax planning involves the creation and refinement of effective ongoing strategies such as accelerating deductions, deferring income, and leveraging tax credits and favorable rates. We work year-round with closely-held businesses and their owners to help them understand the best ways to handle tax complexities and the rapidly changing economy.

Tributum’s team of tax professionals have years of industry-specific experience. This allows them to better understand your total tax picture, then develop and execute the most appropriate plan. Each of our CPA partners stay up-to-date on all pending local, state and federal tax laws and utilize critical tax planning processes related to:

  • Entity structure
  • Personal finance
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Corporate and payroll taxes
  • Wage and hour laws
  • Compensation packages
  • Depreciation analysis studies
  • Merger and acquisition planning

Individual Taxes for Business Owners

Our CPA tax professionals are well-acquainted with both the personal and business side of the tax equation. This allows them to offer more complete and effective tax planning for the business owners and partners of closely-held businesses.

Through constant contact and communication, we are able to assist clients with the coordination of financial affairs related to a wide variety of individual tax considerations, including:

  • Business and Real Estate Transactions
  • Investment/Retirement Planning
  • Insurance
  • Charitable Giving
  • Estate and Trust Planning

Having easy and immediate access to this valuable information allows us better incorporate it into an ongoing tax plan that takes complete advantage of time-sensitive strategies. We work hard to minimize the tax liability of our clients, utilizing all available means to maximize savings (e.g. estate, gift, and trust planning, owner tax preparation, stock option and retirement planning, etc.).

Business Taxes

When you work with Tributum, you can rest assured that you will be able to realize all of the tax discounts to which you are entitled. The key to our approach is the ongoing education of our partners and associates and the incentivized application of this knowledge to create the most effective and appropriate tax solution. We are fully versed in the use of proven and emerging practices, carefully reviewing all reporting requirements so we can confidently take advantage of every possible opportunity to minimize your tax liabilities.

Our business tax planning and preparation services include assistance with:

  • Self-employment Taxes
  • Estimated Taxes
  • Payroll Compliance
  • C-Corporation & S-Corporation Taxes
  • Partnership/LLC Taxes

State and Local Tax Compliance

Tributum’s State and Local Tax (SALT) Services center around your regional regulatory compliance.  Failure to file the appropriate state specific and local taxes documents can have a detrimental impact on the financial performance of your emerging business (and even possible forfeiture of  your charter). That’s why we place so much importance on planning and preparation that ensures adherence to these regional requirements, focusing on:

  • Income and Franchise Tax Services
  • Real and Personal Property Tax
  • Credits and Incentives
  • Sales and Use Tax Services

Real Estate Taxes

Real estate tax assessment protocols and procedures vary widely in their complexity and requirements across jurisdiction, regional and national borders, creating a serious challenge for small to medium businesses. Tributum offers full-service real estate tax advisement to remove the administrative burden associated with property tax management. We handle all real estate tax issues from pre-acquisition through disposition, offering proven strategies that maximize opportunities for savings. Our real estate tax services include:

  • Tracking and auditing tax assessments and bills
  • Determining depreciation and taxability of real estate assets
  • Preparing and filing property tax returns
  • Calculating and projecting tax assessments that keep pace with your evolving business
  • Preparing, filing and negotiating assessment appeals
  • Providing expert valuation representation
  • Providing strategic advice on disclosure requirements

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